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Loughborough Vs Ampthill 1st VX

  • Loughborough University Stadium 3 Oakwood Dr England, LE11 3QF United Kingdom (map)

Loughborough Students were the first opponents of the season for Ampthill and the return leg is one of equal anticipation. Ampthill need only a single point from this fixture to assure their place as winners of the National One league this year which would earn the club a promotion to the Championship league and the highest ever ranking in their history.

Conversely Loughborough site at the other end of the table after a difficult year in National League One. Traditionally Loughborough suffer from high player turnover and this has not helped their game this season, with a rally toward the end of the season Lougborough now tie with Esher for points at the bottom of the table: a bad game for Esher against Blackheath with a good result for Loughborough would see them out of the relegation zone at Esher’s expense.

With both teams fight at opposite ends of the table this should be a match of importance for both side with the expected harsh weather only serving as a perfect backdrop to the conflict expected on the field!

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Ampthill Squad

  1. Soane Tonga’uiha

  2. Aleki Lutui

  3. Matt Collins

  4. Carl Burgess

  5. Billy Johnson

  6. Sam Hudson

  7. Joe Bercis

  8. Maama Molitika

  9. Kevin Barrett

  10. Josh Sharp

  11. Sam Baker

  12. Sam Hanks

  13. Ollie Morris

  14. Will Foster

  15. James Pritchard

  16. Syd Blackmore

  17. Karl Garside

  18. Will Allman

  19. Gavin Williams

  20. Mike Waters

Loughborough Squad

  1. Ben Christie

  2. Jamie Cox

  3. Andrew Boye

  4. Cameron Boon

  5. Thibaud Flament

  6. Ogwenesuvwe Obano

  7. Maximillian Hill

  8. Adrians Van Der Ploeg

  9. Callum Watson

  10. Mark Dixon

  11. Austin Beckett

  12. Harry Priestner

  13. Matthew Edwards

  14. William Brown

  15. Charlie Reed

  16. Jamie Harding

  17. * Unused Shirt *

  18. Jarrod Leat

  19. Samuel Bailey

  20. Thomas Ffitch

  21. William Attfield