20181027 Ampthill Academy B vs Ealing

Match Report

Ampthill Academy B welcomed Ealing academy to Oakley fields at Dillingham Park for a friendly match. Whilst the temperature had recently plummeted the sun was out in full force along with a stiff breeze.

Xander Hughes on the attack
(Photo: Iain Frankish, Actuance Photography)

For the first half of the match Ealing provided a great example of team play with fast movement of the ball through the team dominating the half.

In the second half Ampthill Academy rallied and appeared to find their pace with Pierce Holland leading the charge on at least two occasions to provide Ampthill with a return to the scoreboard.

Pierce Holland making a break for the line…
(Photo: Iain Frankish, Actuance Photography)

With Pierce and Xander showing there were chinks in the Ealing armour the rest of the team rallied and started to provide some more determined opposition to Ealing.

Offloading on the attack
(Photo: Iain Frankish, Actuance Photography)

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