Whilst everyone at Actuance has the same regard for our work and ethics, each person has their own areas of interest and ability. If you have worked with one of our team before or would prefer a specific photographer for your work, then please let us know when talking to us. If the photographer you are especially interested in is not available when you need them, then we will endeavour to find a solution. If your requirements will need more than one person we will appoint a lead photographer to coordinate with you directly.

Iain Frankish, Lead Photographer ( NUJ Member )

Iain Frankish, Lead Photographer (NUJ Member)

Iain Frankish (NPU Acredited)

Trained by Hope Laboratories in the 1980's Iain started working in the days of chemical photography when planning and composition happened as the photograph was taken.

After many years of working in a commercial studio shooting with Hasselblad on medium format Iain migrated to Nikon and Sports photography. He has spent the last 8 years specialising primarily in outdoor team sports. Iain’s love of music and live entertainment have led him to cover some of the larger music events in the UK and more personal work with a few select UK artists.

Iain has gained accreditation with Nikon and has current DBS clearance through the RFU for work as a photographer with children.

Samuel Thornton-Greet, Apprentice

Samuel Thornton-Greet, Apprentice

Samuel Thornton-Greet (Apprentice)

Ever since I was a child I have had a camera in my hand, from my Father’s Nikon D2x to my first camera, a Nikon COOLPIX. I became truly serious and engrossed in photography when I had the opportunity to take photos of the peak district whilst on my Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Atop the mountain I realised that taking pictures was what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to use my skill to capture beauty in moments that some could overlook as simple daily life.

One day I hope to be an accredited photographer whose works have been able to inspire people to delve into the elegant artform of photography.