20180901 Ampthill 1st XV Vs Loughborough

Match Report

Loughborough travelled to Dillingham Park for the first official match of the season for Ampthill. The dry weather over most of the off season has left the pitch looking more like the Serengeti than mid Bedfordshire!

Aleki Lutui running in an early try
(Photo: Iain Frankish, Actuance Photography)

Both teams were determined from the off and determined to make their mark. Loughborough showing their speed on the outside when given the chance, but Ampthill simply denied them the chance time after time playing a physical game and utilising their strength to punch through time after time. Loughborough responded admirably with a run of tries to ensure their bonus point but just didn’t seem to be able to ‘click’ this game.

Final result: 43-34 in Ampthill’s favour.

James Pritchard preparing to add to the tally
(Photo: Iain Frankish, Actuance Photography)

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Match Score: 20180901 Ampthill 1st XV Vs Loughborough


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